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23.-25. März 2017: Sounding Sensory Profiles in Antiquity

Hans Markart, Die fünf Sinne (Belvedere, Vienna)

Hans Markart, Die fünf Sinne (Belvedere, Vienna)

On the Role of the Senses in the World of Ancient Israel and the Ancient Near East
International Conference

Sociologists and cultural anthropologists have intensively researched the role of the senses in different cultures for several decades and their studies show how different cultures understand and evaluate the five or more senses differently. This conference brings together scholars of Hebrew Bible, Assyriology, Egyptology, Cultural Anthropology, and  Religious Studies, to further study the role of the senses in religious contexts and the world of ancient Israel and the ancient Near East.

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Guests are more than welcome, the lectures are open to the public; no conference fee.
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Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Religions
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University of Zurich
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