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Erasmus - Incoming

The Studies

... at the Faculty of Protestant Theology in Vienna are diversely and internationally oriented. The small number of students allows a cooperative atmosphere and ideal conditions for intensive work in small groups. The library in the faculty building is well equipped; the lecture rooms are amongst the most beautiful in Vienna. Special features are being emphasized in the research platforms “Religion and Transformation” and “Ethics and Law in Medicine”.

The Social Surrounding

… is diverse: there are rooms at the faculty specifically provided for the students of Protestant Theology filled with vibrant life. Vienna offers many options for ecumenical dialogue and intercultural encounter. The Protestant Church of Vienna realizes Protestant identity in a small but excellent minority.

The City

… is filled with students and a cultural center of Europe with close connections to Budapest and Bratislava. The faculty and university are located in the center of Vienna, involved in the life of a vibrant metropolis with theatres, museums and modern scene-based culture.

The University

… offers a great variety of additional studies, the Faculty of Catholic Theology is located in the same building. Various lecture series and events open a horizon far beyond theology.

Additional information



You can find various additional information for students on the webpage of the FV (student representatives).

General information for Erasmus-students and special events for new arrivals (tours, parties, German courses) can be found at  and

You can live at Wilhelm-Dantine-Haus which prefers to accommodate students of theology. The Albert-Schweitzer-Haus as well as the student residence Staargasse are especially internationally oriented. Registration at either of the houses is to be done as soon as possible.

Information for students coming from abroad without an exchange program

The university administration initially treats students from abroad who do not come to Vienna via the Erasmus agreement as freshmen in a bachelor’s program – however advanced they may be as students. Therefore, they will have to successfully complete the Introductory and Orientation Period (STEOP) before they can be admitted to seminars and exercises.

The STEOP can also be completed by accrediting of past equivalent courses. For this purpose, the directorate of studies will need certificates of courses in the fields of Introduction to Biblical Studies (Old Testament and New Testament), Church History and Theological Encyclopedia/Systematic Theology. They should be graded or at least contain the note “successfully completed” (or similar). Mere attendance certificates do not suffice.

As soon as the enrollment at the University of Vienna is completed, the accreditation will be fast and simply done by the Studies Service Center of the faculty. Afterwards, there will be no bureaucratic hurdles interfering with participation at all courses of the University of Vienna anymore.