Admission and Requirements


  • General information on the admission to the degree courses at the University of Vienna are stated on the pages of the center for Teaching Affairs and Student Services. For general, non-faculty-specific questions on admissions, you can also contact the university-wide admission-office directly.
  • For questions concerning the accreditation of previous achievements, please contact the Team of the SSC.
  • Proof of German knowledge is required to be admitted to the University of Vienna as a degree student; almost all courses at the Faculty of Protestant Theology are conducted in German. You can find more information on the University of Vienna’s German language courses, including crash courses in September and February, here
  • Latin and Ancient Greek are admission requirements for the bachelor degree programmes Protestant Theology and the Teacher Accreditation Programme Protestant Religion. Scroll down for further information. 

Phase of Induction and Orientation in Studies (StEOP)

During the first semester of studying Protestant Theology – be it for the full degree (Protestant Theology=“Evangelische Fachtheologie”) or the teaching degree (“Lehramt Unterrichtsfach Evangelische Religion”) –, you must pass the exams of the StEOP-courses and earn 15 ECTS-credit points (“StEOP” = phase of induction and orientation in studies; StudienEingangs- und OrientierungsPhase)

Other courses and exams can only be completed after having passed all StEOP-exams successfully. StEOP-exams can be repeated three times.

 Supplementary Examination in Latin and New Testament Greek

General Information

  • If you are planning not to take the supplementary examination at the University of Vienna, we urge you to consult the SSC beforehand, to ensure that the examination procedure meets the requirements of the University of Vienna, and can be accredited.
  • If you have been assessed negatively 3 times, we highly recommend to take external examination. If you are assessed negatively 4 times, you are barred from all study programmes of the University of Vienna that have the same supplentary examination as an admission requirement.
  • Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the SSC


Latin is an admission requirement for the Bachelor degree programmes Protestant Theology as well as for the teacher accreditation programme Protestant Religion. The Latin certificate is not a part of the curriculum (and you do not get any ECTS credit points for it), you must take supplementary examination if you did not have at least a total of 10 hours of Latin per week in school. The supplementary examination must be taken before the end of the Bachelor degree course.    

The Institut für Klassische Philologie, Mittel- und Neulatein offers preperatory courses for the supplementary exams:

  • The 2-semester course (without compulsory attendance and registration) at the philological faculty begins every winter semester (2 courses) and is continued the following summer semester (1 course). Each course is 6 hours per week.
  • You can find current information as well as course materials here.

There is also a Facebook group that exchanges useful information on course materials and exam dates.

New Testament Greek

Because the New Testament Greek certificate is not a part of the Protestant Theology full degree curriculum (and you do not get any ECTS credit points for it), you must take supplementary examination, unless you had a total of at least 10 hours per week of Greek in upper secondary school.

New Testament Greek is a part of the Bachelor study programme of the Teacher Accreditation Programme Protestant Religion (and awards you ECTS-credit points).

There are various options of taking supplementary examination, for example:

  • The 2 semester course (without compulsory attendance and registration) at the Faculty of Catholic Theology which always starts in the winter semester. Each course is 4 hours per week. Find more information in the course directory.
  • Summer crash course (without compulsory attendance and registration), offered in alteration by the Faculty of Catholic Theology and the Faculty of Protestant Theology. Find more information in the course directory of any summer semester.