Contact Persons

The Faculty of Protestant Theology strives to support its students throughout their studies and there are many people who provide help.

Mentoring & Workshops

The Faculty of Protestant Theology strives to support its students throughout their studies and offers mentoring and workshops. For details, please see the German version of this website.

Internal Contact Persons

In case of individual questions there are several contact persons within the Faculty of Protestant Theology who will gladly help you. You can either consult them during their office hours or make an appointment.

  • SSC – Studies Service Center
    The SSC answers questions regarding curricula and order of study, accreditation and validation etc.
  • SPL – Directorate of Studies
    The SPL answers questions about the studies, its feasibility, ERASMUS and programs to study abroad. It is also to be contacted in case of individual worries, wishes or ideas.
  • Professors
    The professors of the Faculty of Protestant Theology answer questions regarding courses as well as general inquiries about their field. You can find their contact information and their current office hours on u:find as well as on the webpage of the corresponding institute.
  • Assistants
    The assistants answer questions regarding courses, exam preparation, composition of papers etc. You can find their contact information and their office hours on u:find as well as on the webpage of the corresponding institute.
  • FV – Student Representatives
    The student representatives are part of the ÖH Uni Wien (Austrian Student Union, University of Vienna). They are the direct contact persons for the students at the faculty in all periods of their studies. They help students with ambiguities concerning the curriculum, consult them about the order of study (planning of studies and hours) and represent their concerns before the university, the teachers, the deanship and much more!

External Contact Persons

  • Teaching Affairs and Student Services
    The service “Teaching Affairs and Student Services” provides helpful information regarding studying at the University of Vienna. The homepage contains useful information, special emphasis is to be given to the pages Study Organization (e.g. start into university life, financial aspects, rights and duties) and Student Life with practical information on services and student life in general (e.g., accommodation, food, sports, scholarships).
  • EHG – Evangelische Hochschulgemeinde
    The Evangelische Hochschulgemeinde (Protestant academic community) is part of the Protestant Church of Austria and a community for students, employees and teachers in the academic field. The EHG offers room for exchange and consultation, hosts church services and celebrations among other things.
  • Psychological Counseling Center
    The Psychological Counseling Center helps you with your choice and start of studies, supports you in developing your personality and consults you about study-related or personal problems.