Mission Statement

The Faculty of Protestant Theology is the only one of its kind in Austria. Its history reflects the fortunes and the history of Protestantism in the former Habsburger lands and in the territory of today’s Austria. Such being the case, the Protestant Theological Faculty has the special responsibility and duty of representing in Austria, in its teaching and research, the whole range of  theology from Protestant cultural and scientific tradition, as well as keeping the historical memory of its own Protestant tradition alive.

The Faculty is committed to the following principles and aims:

  • The principle of Protestant freedom and the postulates of human freedom, especially the freedom of research and teaching and the freedom of and respect for the learner;
  • The responsibility for a humane society;
  • Respect for the convictions of others, the principle of dialogue and diversity of opinion;
  • Respect for human dignity, especially as it concerns the equal treatment of women and men, and of people from different social backgrounds, as well as the integration of disabled persons;
  • As part of a religious minority in Austria, and against the background of its own history, the Protestant Theological Faculty places special emphasis on the concerns of, and respect for, other religious and social minorities.