4.-6. September: The Construction of the Epistolary Author and Networking Strategies in Late-Antique Epistolary Corpora

As part of the FWF project M3270, this conference will focus on how the authorial persona of the presumed author is constructed not only by the way one presents themselves in one’s letters, but also in the manners in which the correspondents are often carefully chosen, petitioned, or admonished. Moreover, the authorial image is then curbed and renegotiated at each stage of the formation, transmission, and printing of the corpus. The conference will gather a series of papers that present various case studies from different manuscript cultures. The program will be announced in due time.

Organiser: Dr. Madalina Toca, madalina.toca@univie.ac.at

Letter carriers in Biblioteca Nacional de España, Matritensis Vitr. 26–2, fol. 75v.